Research & Development


We at 4easytech are proud to offer our customers the best of our knowledge and expertise in the field of electronics, mechanics, IT, ultrasound technology and physics.

We produce electronic generators and systems, ultrasound devices, software and applications for data capture and data management, and for 3D rendering. If you have an idea concerning any of these areas, but you don’t know how to design or materialize it, we can assist you along the way. We’ll be there for you, from the very beginning, when your idea has just taken shape, to when the product is finished and it’s successfully positioned on the market.

Once you’ve told us about your idea, our team will be able to assess fairly quickly whether and how it can be implemented.

If that is the case, then we will produce some prototypes for you and provide detailed information about every single step along the process. Moreover, in addition to the prototypes, we will also deliver the related product documentation.

Once the prototypes are approved, then you can decide whether 4easytech should be in charge of production, or if your company is going to implement our project.

We can define production processes and generate all the documentation required to obtain the international certifications which are renowned and accepted worldwide (CE, UL, FDA).