Reengineering & Consultancy


Besides developing new products from scratch, we at 4easytech can also tackle reengineering projects. Such processes focus on products that our customers have already designed and implemented, and that have been on the market for some time generating satisfactory results.

However, there are times when products need to be revamped in order to make them thrive again.

An example? It could be the case of a management software that was developed using an old programming language. The software worked smoothly with past operating system releases, but it doesn’t perform so well with new ones. On top of that, it should also work flawlessly on the web. So, the application code needs to be rewritten by keeping the software’s operating functions unchanged.

Another example? Here it is. An electronic device is still on demand in the market, but its components are going out of production. So, some changes are needed to keep the product going.

That’s the main goal of our reengineering efforts: making sure that a good product doesn’t lose its effectiveness and will keep on working smoothly for a long time.

Our customers can describe their products to us and tell us what kind of problems they are experiencing. We will then do our best to help them take advantage of our expertise. With our help their products are renewed and can regain their strength on the market. We are always updated on new technologies, programming languages, as well as market analyses. If a reengineering process is extremely complex, we will produce a new project and will submit it to our customer. Just as it happens with new products, the customer will then be free to decide whether continuing to work with us, or ask another supplier to carry out the job.